Fahmina Ahmed

Fahmina's career is focused on building the infrastructure that allows previously inconceivable technologies to exist in every day life. She got her start working with industrial 3D printers and specializes in managing interdisciplinary teams to invent products that leverage technologies that are newly available in the information age. Currently, she is looking for her next big project that allows her to keep building the internet of things.


In 2015, she co-founded Westies & Co after inventing a scalable mass customization pipeline to deliver custom jewelry directly to customers. Her personal designs are physicalizations of digital concepts.

She began her career in Shapeways' "Factory of the Future" as part of a inspired team of young artists, engineers, and designers who worked together to build the worlds first mass manufacturing 3D printing factory. Next, she went on to Doob to build software architecture for b2b projects in the 3D graphics and scanning space.

Webviewer I built at Doob. Click and drag to rotate

Artist Statement

My art practice is contrapuntal to my career, I shift from the precision of digital systems to reveling in the unprecitability of hand crafstmanship. In this regard, materials are very important to me; I pay attention to the warping of twine, the refraction of plastic, or the resonance of different kinds of wood. I design systems that agregate a handcrafted unit into a larger sensory experience. As I am striving for the discipline to scale my individual movements into a system governed by its own logic.